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Invest Canada

Canada offers a stable and thriving economic environment, making it an attractive destination for investors looking to capitalize on growth opportunities. With its strong regulatory framework and supportive business ecosystem, investing in Canada provides a secure and promising avenue for long-term returns.

Invest in Canada

We are now looking for additional investors to invest in special projects in Canada. Our projects are handpicked by our CEO and industry experts to source the best quality projects for our investors. A.S Business Center has developed partnerships on both Canada and Senegal sides. All of our projects are backed by the government, banks and insurance companies, which reassures foreign investors’ money and the support of the projects. Invest in different projects at different scales: Less than USD$1 million, USD$1 million to USD$5 million, and more than USD$5 million.


Our business network is made of investors, entrepreneurs from around the world (Canada, USA, South Africa, China, UAE, etc.) and local officials. We talk business, we do business.

Our prioritized sectors include:


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