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A.S Business Center

We turn business ideas into reality!

We have the skills to make your business dream come true, save time and money, and avoid struggling and learning the hard way. Getting a business started or running a small business takes time and dedication. We engineer personalized packages designed to accommodate entrepreneurs, innovators, startups, and incubators to build, launch, and run their businesses efficiently. We team up with dedicated partners who are highly knowledgeable in building new businesses from scratch, commercializing breakthrough ideas, and creating future business opportunities.

In addition, we now offer specialized financial assistance to help SMEs expand their businesses in Canada, Africa, and the Middle East. We also actively seek investors for our own projects in housing, agriculture, manufacturing, and more. Our commitment to innovation, expertise, and cutting-edge technologies enables us to guide our clients toward success. As our clients, we help you think bigger and make it real!

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How do we champion our successes?

Entrepreneurship Consulting

Through our successful entrepreneurship consulting services, we have helped many entrepreneurs start their own businesses. 

Funding Services

We have also helped existing businesses receive funding to expand and be more profitable for their day-to-day activities. So far, A.S Business Center has attained a total of $80,000,000 (loans and grants) to assist entrepreneurs.

Invest in Africa

All of our projects are backed by the government, banks and insurance companies, which reassures foreign investors' money and the support of the projects. Invest in different scales: Less than USD$1 million, USD$1 million to USD$5 million, and more than USD$5 million.

About A.S Business Center

We turn business ideas into reality!

A.S Business Center (ASBC) is a multi-specialized firm that offers integrated solutions to individuals, self-employed, startups, and established businesses in Ontario, Quebec, and Africa. We provide guidance in tackling business challenges, modelling strategies, and bringing business visions to life. Since we opened, we have delivered unparalleled results and built our expertise in addressing young companies’ challenges.

Our Services

Years of business expertise put together to bring you guidance to build great long-term business solutions.

Business Registration

Save time, eliminate hassle, and avoid non-compliance costs with our robust business registration solutions.

Risk Assessment

Know the ins and outs of the latest threats and make the best decisions regarding resource and regulatory compliance.

Strategic Development

Turn your vision to reality with a solid strategic development plan that aligns your resources behind your future desire state.

Marketing Research

Go beyond intuition and experience and support your business idea with deep fact-based market intelligence reports.


One-one mentoring with individuals, startups, established small business owners and self-employed.


Learn the ropes of running a business with a variety of classes focused on fundamental business skills and entrepreneurship.

Financing Solutions

Learn about the variety of options to finance your business and explore your opportunities of investors.

Business Plan

Create the business plan you need to highlight your uniqueness and achieve the maximum potential of your business.

Investing Canada-Africa

Connecting investors and businesses between Canada and African countries with high-profile investment opportunities.


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